Hongfjellets Kennel

Hongfjellet er et oppdrett av strihår som har som målsetning å lage jakthunder med utmerket gemytt, svært høy jaktlyst og som har robuste bruksegenskaper med godt hårlag. I avlssammenheng blir det lagt vekt på hundenes egenskaper i nevnte rekkefølge og en søker å videreføre gode egenskaper fra foregående generasjoner.

Hongfjellets hunder er kjent for sitt gode gemytt og sin sterke arbeidsmoral. De jakter like godt i dypsnø som på høstføre og holder koken hele jaktdagen gjennom uten problemer med poter o.l.

The philosophy is to make a better dog and strive for perfection by using dogs that are capable of bringing
the breed forward. When planning litters all of Scandinavia’s GWP clubs are contacted in search for the perfect Stud.

Emphasis and priority is put on:

  • Temperament
  • Health
  • Hunting abilities
  • Coat

in the mentioned order.


Qualifying factors:

  • A pragmatic attitude to life. Male dogs that ignore other male dogs.
  • Happy
  • Kind to all humans and other dogs
  • Can easily be handed over to strangers without experience with dogs
  • Be quiet when in the house
  • No weeping allowed in the car, at field trials when not running etc. (Weeping ok when giving signal that a trip
    outside is needed)
  • Adaptable to training

Disqualifying factors:

  • Tend to pick a fight. Show dominance over other male dogs and especially females.
  • Extreme protectiveness for own food
  • Restless attitude
  • Barking and weeping
  • Taking interest in other dogs during hunting


  • Not any known diseases on in Bloodline
  • Correct teeth and jaw structure
  • Strong feet

Hunting abilities:

  • Well over average on the “find” index
  • Well over average on the “speed” index
  • Ability to hunt all day for many days and recover quickly from exhaustion
  • Strong pointing instinct combined with a decisive and powerful flushing of birds
  • Take good care of every possibility
  • Ability and desire to hunt in deep snow when other dogs refuse to hunt (a good indication that the dog has that
    little extra power that makes it stand out from the rest as an exceptional dog
  • Ability to adjust ring presence to different topographic conditions
  • Water passion


  • A thick water repellent coat with a nice layer of wire hair
  • Coat must be carefree and manage days of hunting in heavy vegetation

Hongfjellets is a continuation of a breed on a few different bloodlines that has dominated field trials at the
west coast of Norway for over 30 years.

The core brood bitch in Hongfjellets Kennel was Tuula

Today the brood bitch in Hongfjellets is Tess

Honfjellets Kennel

Hongfjellet’s Kennel